Every small business could use a boost or two, and that’s what Propell offers you. The power of smart thinking and even smarter features, convenience and technology in small business finance that can help move you and your business forward.

1 – The modern way to get cash when you need it

Forget about suiting up and going cap in hand to the bank to fill out reams of paperwork. Propell saves time and trees by being digital all the way when it comes to getting a line of credit for your business. From application to easy everyday use, all it takes is your smartphone to start and access a line of credit up to $100K and a tool to accept customer payments

2 – Only pay when you use it

With Propell, you don’t have to pay for the privilege of simply signing up and being on board. You only pay when you use your credit, meaning it costs nothing to have the safety net of Propell ready when and if you need it. Plus, you will only pay interest of between 2%-9.75% when you draw down on funds, and 1.7% per transaction when you accept payments. For more about our rates, visit here: https://propell.au/how-it-works/  

3 – Be your own finance manager

The Propell app gives you the ability to be your own financial manager. While it doesn’t quite give you a degree in economics, it does provide you with great ideas and helpful tools that could help you get your finances into much better shape. It’s also very functional, allowing you to tap into your line of credit and accept payments quickly and easily.

4 – Australian-owned for Australian businesses

Propell helps people every day of the week with Australian-based support for small businesses around the country. Being Australian-owned means we understand local business better, what’s wanted and what’s not, especially when it comes to moving business forward.

5 – We’re designed for small business

The world of finance is full of big players more interested in the top end of town than the small businesses that keeps Australia going. That’s why Propell started up – to help small businesses with finance that works differently and works in favour of what you want to achieve now, and in the future. At Propell, we’re all about solutions, being can-do and moving small business forward. Let’s go!

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