If you’re a small business owner feeling more and more overwhelmed by the day to day pressures of keeping your business going strong, you’re not alone. In 2020, nearly one in three Australian SME owners were diagnosed with anxiety, depression, stress or mental health related issues.

However, it’s good to know that people do care, with many individuals and organisations doing very positive and encouraging work for those small business owners with mental health related issues.

Two new initiatives worth mentioning are Counting on U, through Deakin University, and an innovative project by Beyond Blue.

 Accounting for stress

Counting on U is a Deakin University led mental health first aid and relationship building training program supported by Chartered Accountants ANZ that’s designed to help SME owners with the stress of ‘crunching numbers’.

While the program is not intended to diagnose or treat mental illness, it does teach small business owners who regularly deal with figures and funds how to look after their mental health wellbeing by equipping them with abilities and skills to make day-to-day financial management a lot less daunting.

They include how to better understand their ongoing SME business needs, deal with the heightened financial distress so many small business owners feel these days, and how to identify and cope with the issues that trigger stress.

The program also provides SME owners with helpful business advice, and essential tips on how to be aware of mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety and stress, even suicide, and how to confidently administer first aid to someone experiencing a mental health crisis.

Counting on U is innovative and comprehensive, with all aspects of the program delivered online in live classes via zoom. To find out more about participation, contact Deakin University.

Beating the blues

Beyond Blue is helping business owners through NewAccess for Small Business Owners, a free and confidential national mental health coaching program in which people can participate over six sessions totally remotely.

In the program, coaches from small business backgrounds work with entrepreneurs to overcome stress and worry problems, and provide them with practical skills to manage other mental health issues. It all starts with the first ‘appointment’, during which a coach completes an initial assessment, then develops a program tailored to each individual’s needs, with the following sessions providing practical tools to help manage life pressures.

NewAccess for Small Business Owners is designed for anyone to become involved, with participants not requiring a doctor’s referral or mental health treatment plan, and it’s available via phone or video call Monday to Friday during business hours. 

 Propell is with you, too

While Counting on U and New Access are playing their part in helping those with mental health related issues, we deliver practical, every-day solutions with products and services that can help alleviate financial stress and worry.

For instance, Propell’s line of credit and payment solution which provides access to a line of credit up to $100k + customer card payments, enabling small businesses to keep going strong, even when cash flow is restricted.

If you’re feeling any of the stresses business finances can often create, relax and get in touch with Propell and discover better ways of doing small business.

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