Your business needs a cash injection now. Have you considered a line of credit instead of a small business loan for a longer term option?

With a line of credit, you can get the cash you need now and once you repay it, you’ll have that balance available again to draw on again in the future.

Propell offers a 6 month line of credit from $2,000 – $100,000.

How a Line of Credit compares to a Business Loan

You might not have considered a line of credit, but the flexibility of a Propell line of credit makes it an excellent alternative to a small business loan.

Bank Loan

Average Business Loan

  • Full amount is interest bearing

  • Once only use. Need to reapply for future loans.

  • Small business struggle to get approved, especially by banks.

Line of Credit

Propell Line of Credit

  • Interest only added once balance is drawn.

  • Re-pay loan and the balance is available again.

  • Line of credit designed with small business in mind.

We back small business

We hear a lot of small business owners tell us that they have tried to get finance products from banks, but banks either don’t approve them or make it such a long and difficult process. If you are looking for a business loan that’s not from a bank, try Propell.

If it’s a quick business loan you’re after, you certainly won’t find that from a bank. It can take days or even weeks to get a result. With Propell, its possible to get approved in just hours!

Also unlike a bank, our application is 100% online. That means you don’t need to spend hours collating paperwork. Jump online, enter your ABN and bank account and away you go.

Cost effective cash for your small business

A Propell line of credit can be a much lower cost alternative if you are looking for a low interest small business loan.

With a line of credit, you only draw down, and pay interest on, the balance you need right now. That means that the full amount isn’t costing you interest if you don’t need the full amount right now.

A line of credit is also really flexible in that you can repay the full amount at any time, saving you interest.

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