Owning a small business is great. But cash flow issues are not. All small businesses need cash flow help from time to time. Propell has been designed to specifically address the main issues that small businesses face when it comes to cash flow: having access to cash when you need it and getting quicker payment from your customers.

Quick cash flow help for small business

As a small business owner, when you need cash flow boost, you need it now, not in one months time. What makes it even harder is that it can be difficult to predict when the next cash flow gap is going to occur.

If you’ve applied for finance products from banks in the past, you’ll know it isn’t a quick process. With Propell, it’s possible to get approved in just hours. And even better, once you are approved, your line of credit is ready to draw on and you can start accepting card payments right away. So the next time you need a cash boost, Propell will be there by your side ready to help.

Propell offers finance products for small business

How do you currently manage small business cash flow when things get tight? Dip into your personal funds? Don’t pay yourself some weeks?

Propell can help you put out your financial fires. But we’ll also show you how to prevent them in the future.

There are some really simple processes you can start implementing in your business that will help you keep cash flow under control for the long term. Sometimes you need a little last minute cash to pay a supplier or fix some equipment – that where your Propell line of credit will come in handy. You’ll also find that if you make it really easy for your customers to pay you, and give them more ways to pay, that they’ll be far more likely to pay you on time. As a small business owner you know how late payments can cause all sorts of stresses. Start creating more positive financial habits for your business.

Cost effective cash for your small business

Propell is an excellent option for small business to manage cash flow because you only pay when you use it. A Propell line of credit only incurs interest when you draw down the balance, and only on that drawn down amount. That means that the full amount isn’t costing you interest if you don’t need the full amount right now. Propell customers payments are available to make use of if and when you chose to. You’ll only even pay if you accept a payment.

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